Domestic Violence Facts

Mental effects of Domestic Violence Facts

According to Domestic Violence Facts, victims are likely to experience cases of depression and sleep disturbances. These conditions may be worsened by anxiety, emotional distress, and flashbacks that are common among the victims of domestic violence. Such conditions contribute to poor health conditions among the survivors. Most of them end up developing serious chronic conditions such as cardiac diseases. Also, most victims, especially women always have few financial and social resources due to the restrictions of the perpetrator.

Domestic Violence Facts

There are various steps one can take to resolve cases of domestic violence affecting them. The recommended method involves going the legal way for law enforcement agencies to help you resolve your case. Through this process, you could also get medical and mental health treatment to help alleviate the effects of vice. Even though such a measure is useful, you could go an extra mile to share your story on, and have other people know about Domestic Violence Facts that could help resolve their situation.


Victims of Sexual Harassment

The most common cases of Victims of Sexual Harassment involve a situation where the harasser creates an unfriendly situation. In turn, the harassed person whether a female or a male feels uncomfortable and cannot perform their duties efficiently. Such victims can experience various effects depending on the environment where the harassment occurs.

victims of sexual harassment

For instance, if it occurs in the workplace, then the victims are likely to suffer from strained relationships. Nonetheless, harassment can expose the victim to some health problems.

Violence Against Women

Violence Against Women is such an extent that many of us who are victims feel in the structure of society that we are woven in the wrong. Show recent global prevalence figures indicate that 35% of women have experienced violence in the world either partnership or partner sexual violence in their lives.

violence against women

Start battle with people, who are a community of Violence Against Women ! Communicate, discuss, and share your story.

Victims of Sexual Harassment

Victims of Sexual Harassment is widespread – and it is in men and women, according to a shocking new report by the Everyday Sexism Project. It’s time to blame the victim and begin the problem seriously.

Victims of Sexual Harassment

Victims of Sexual Harassment is one of the most difficult and insidious issues to tackle, because victims are so often in a position of vulnerability, afraid of damaging their careers or even losing their jobs altogether if they dare to rock the boat.

Domestic Violence Facts

Domestic Violence Facts is any physical, sexual or psychological violence that the people against a former or current intimate partners. It refers to a series of criminal behavior: assault and battery; sexual assault; stalking; harassment; Breach of a civil injunction; manslaughter; and other crimes, the incident occur in the context of domestic violence, such as arson, robbery, malicious destruction of property, and endangering a minor.

Domestic Violence Facts

The Social Network Zoglli is looking to tackle Domestic Violence Facts as a whole and address the myths that are out there on this subject. By Zoglli, It is also our hope and healing for those who bring domestic violence facts and to raise awareness of those who are not affected.

Rape Victims

If you have been the Rape Victims, date rape, sexual abuse, incest, sexual assault, marital rape, childhood sexual abuse, sexual harassment, bullying, molestation, and all forms of violence! please know that you did nothing wrong and you are not to blame.

rape victims

The Social Network is designed to be the Rape Victims and survivors to be communicating in the recovery of sexual violence.

Violence Against Women

The biggest global hidden problem is Violence Against Women. Freedom from the risk of harassment, ill-treatment and sexual assault is a concept that most of us hardly imagine, because violence is such a deep part of our culture and our lives.


On average, 30% of women who report have been in a relationship that they experienced some form of physical or sexual violence by their partner. Join different groups and events on and share your opinions and ideas in a free platform.